April 21, 2016

Supanova Debrief

Rather than doing a gazillion different blog posts (or, okay, four) about the Supanova tour I’ve just finished, I figured I may as well do my debrief in one massive post… So nuke some popcorn and put your feet up, because this blog has everything from videos to audio files to pics and plenty of…

April 07, 2016

Events This Weekend!

Here’s a list of the places I’ll be this coming weekend in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Come say hi!!

March 11, 2016

My Newest Obsession – The Shannara Chronicles

Around this time last year I posted a blog about my first Supanova tour and I mentioned that on the way back to the airport, I shared a car with the actor, Manu Bennett – photo attached here again, just because… 🙂 We were probably in the car for 30-40 mins (ish) and during that time…

December 03, 2015

Supanova Part 2: Brisbane

If anyone had told me that the Brisbane leg of the Supanova tour would be one of the best events of the year for me, I would have had a hard time believing them. And that’s because I’ve been to some pretty incredible events in 2015. The first round of Supanova back in March/April, for example,…

November 24, 2015

Supanova Part 1: Adelaide

I can’t begin to express just how incredible the Adelaide leg of the Supanova tour was this past weekend! I literally don’t have the words—it was just that good! Mostly because of the amazing authors I got to hang out with and the wonderful readers I got to speak to over the couple of days that we…

September 12, 2015


Exciting news! For anyone who has been following my social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook), you’ll already know this…. But for everyone else, I’ve been invited back as a guest author to Supanova in November for the Adelaide and Brisbane legs of the conference! How amazing is that! If you’ve been with this blog for a few…