Strangely Addicted To Editing

So, I’ve just sent my first round of revisions off to my new publishers (I love saying those last three words!). It was really fascinating to go through my manuscript and make the changes they requested because as I made the revisions, other thoughts came to mind. Things like, if my MC is in another world, why has she never questioned how they can all speak the same language? Just stuff like that. It was really cool to sort of look at it all and see gaps that needed to be filled. And as weird as it sounds, I seriously love editing. Before this incredible book deal happened, I was actually looking into doing a post-grad degree in editing and publishing. It’s still something I’d like to keep in mind for the future because, like I said, I really enjoy editing. (Don’t look at me like that – it’s true!)

Anyway, the first ‘official’ edit of my MS is done now, so hopefully my publishers will be happy. As far as I know, the next step will be me working with the editor they’ve organised for me to start with in mid-April. How exciting! Until then, I’ll be focusing my efforts on the second book in the series. It’s already completed but it needs another edit before I’ll be anywhere near confident enough to send it through for approval. That said, I’m soooo excited about editing book two, since I absolutely love all the new plot twists and turns that develop – not to mention the new characters that we get to meet!

Okay, well, if you need me, you can find me in my happy place where I’ll be editing, editing, and editing. Yay!