I’ve been blog-silent for the last few weeks, but I did mention in my last post on the 29th of July that I was about to undertake my next project… And on August 1st I started writing the final book of The Medoran Chronicles.

Well… as of 5am yesterday morning, I FINISHED THE FINAL BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a MAMMOTH writing day, starting from 8:30am the previous morning and only stopping to walk up a mountain, have lunch, and have a quick power nap in the afternoon (necessary!), and otherwise wrote straight through the day and night. I clocked in over 14,300 words in that one day (insane!!) and all of them part of the epic climax. All up the book is just over 138,000 words and I am so thrilled with how it all came together!!

For anyone who has been following my writing journey, you’ll know that I’m more of the ‘pantser’ kind of writer as opposed to a ‘plotter’. But that said, I usually ALWAYS have a beginning point and an end point. This was the first book in this series where I didn’t have an end point, and that TERRIFIED me, since it wasn’t just a book that had to end, it was an entire series!

So, I honestly can’t express just how relieved I am that it all worked out! And I’m just so, so happy with it!!!

Now it’s time to celebrate!!!!

22 thoughts on “I’M DOOOONNNNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Omg I can’t explain how incredibly happy and sad this makes me!!!! Congrats Lynette you have done an amazing job of the first novels, I can’t wait to explore the next three!!!

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