The Medoran Chronicles: A Visual Journey

One of the most common questions I get asked about my books is who I think the characters look like. It’s a really, really hard question to answer, since to me, my characters are so much more than a face or a body. I see beyond how they look to who they actually are, and so making a comparison to a movie star or model or whatever is downright impossible.


Because I get asked it so much, I’ve spent the last little while trolling around Pinterest and found some very vague ideas that will hopefully appease some of my more curious readers. Please be warned though, none of these are EXACTLY right, but they at least give a rough idea of my thoughts. And also remember that everyone “sees” something different when they read a book, and it’s almost a definite that who you imagine is likely waaaaaay different to who I imagine. That’s the beauty of books!

Some of these pics are of well-known celebs, some are more obscure or random people I just stumbled upon a photo of. Either way, I must reiterate that it’s a VERY rough comparison.

So without further ado…


I was torn over picking an Alex but I kind of see her a bit like this (minus whatever she’s holding in her hand):


Or even, perhaps more so, something like this:

But if I had to choose a celeb comparison, I’d probably go with Lyndsy Fonseca from Nikita:


Nikita Pictured: Tiffany Hines as Jaden, Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.



Jordan is IMPOSSIBLE because it’s all about character with him. But still, let’s go with this guy, since he looks like he’d be pretty mischievous like Jordan:



Oh, Bear. So much love for this huggable friend!! Maybe someone like this:



D.C. is just as equally difficult to equate to picture form, but we’ll go with this as a vague possibility. Just imagine her eyes being more greenish-blue rather than straight blue as in this photo:

Beautiful woman with red hair, feathers and leafs. [url=]Click here for more pictures of this model![/url]


Ooooooh, there’s honestly no way to cast an equivalent for Aven!! I mean, seriously! There’s no way a photo can show his immortal status, charisma, and supernaturally good looks! But since I’m at least trying to answer the oft asked question, let’s go with someone like this (but with more golden hair and eyes):


Or even, this:



Again, it’s impossible to compare Roka to anyone, but I’d probably go with someone like Tyler Hoechlin who is Roka-level-of-attractive but also comes across as warm and friendly, which is super important for a character like the Meyarin heir. (Though, imagine him with golden eyes.)

Random side-note: I did the Supanova tour with Tyler last year so I’m ridiculously glad I never made this comparison before now, because that would have been an interesting (*cough* awkward *cough*) conversation!!




Like all the rest, Kyia is super hard to put a picture to, but let’s go with something similar to this (but with perhaps a little more clothing, haha):



Zain is, like, the epic warrior dude, so maybe he’d be similar to either of these guys but with darker skin:



Actually, a kind of perfect Zain would be Jason Momoa, especially like his character Ronon in Stargate Atlantis:


(Pronounced like “Yikes” but with an “N” – so “Nikes”)

Niyx is totally and completely allllllll about character, so again, impossible to put a face to! But something like this:


Ha! Asking me to put a face to Kaiden really, truly is impossible. Like, totally. But since I get asked ALL THE TIME about him, let’s go with this guy, but change the eyes to a much brighter blue:


Kaiden’s bestie… Also ridiculously hard to pick… Gah! This is SO hard!! Maybe someone like this:

XIRAXUS (and Alex)

Maybe something like this:




Ahh, A’enara (pronounced “Ay-en-are-uh”)… the ice-like dagger/sword. Also impossible to find a pic of, but perhaps something like this:A'enara3

Or even something like this (ish):


This pic is the inspiration for where the Akarnae Academy is located – Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon. This shows my “Lake Fee” and “Mount Paedris” and the “Ezera Forest” running along the edge of the water. If you turned around from where the photo was taken, you’d look back up the slightly sloping hill at the academy itself. Pretty as a postcard! :-)

Academy Grounds - Lake Fee and Mt Paedris 2


It’s really hard to find a house for Bear and his family, but perhaps something like this, rather large and surrounded by the forest:

Bear's house 3

Alternatively, I also imagine it a little like this, so perhaps a mix of the two:



The Lost City truly IS impossible to find in a picture anywhere, because there’s just sooooo much about it that’s fantastical. But here’s very, very, VERY vague idea. Just imagine spiralling towers and the Myrox making the city glow as it’s surrounded by the waterfalls from the Golden Cliffs.



And that’s all! Remember, these are only really, REALLY vague concepts, and other than that image of Mount Hood National Forest, none of my characters or places were inspired by anything seen on this page. I literally found all these pics after writing the books.

Let me know your thoughts – whether you agree or disagree or if you have someone else in mind for any of the characters!

22 thoughts on “The Medoran Chronicles: A Visual Journey

  1. These are so cool. Thanks Lynette. Interesting to look through them all. It’s always so hard because as a reader we all have our own interpretation of each character. And you as the writer have your own. But these guys look good. I’m just about to reread the books again.

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