Supanova Tomorrow!


I’m heading to Adelaide tomorrow for the first leg of upcoming Supanova tour and I’m sooooo excited! If you live in or near the city, please do drop in sometime over the next couple of days and say ‘hi’! (I’ll also be in Brisbane the following weekend for the expo there!)

I’ll be at the showgrounds for the evening events tomorrow night, as well as signing all day on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll also be speaking on two panels over the course of the weekend, both of which will be addressing wicked-awesome topics:

“Once Upon A Time” on Saturday at 2:30PM with Kate Forsyth and Isobelle Carmody…

… and “Myths and Misconceptions” on Sunday at 3:00PM with Trudi Canvan, Melanie Casey and Kimberley Clark.

How cool!

Hope to see you there!

Ps. You can download both the Adelaide and Brisbane programs from here:

PPs. I’ll be mostly updating the yay-ness of the next couple of days via social media, so make sure you follow my Instagram account (, my Twitter ( and my Facebook ( to stay up to date on all the fun happenings!

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