International Giveaway and Book Review (from Little Book Owl)

The wonderful and highly acclaimed book blogger/vlogger Catriona from Little Book Owl has uploaded a video of her review of AKARNAE and she’s also offering an international giveaway of a SIGNED copy of my book—how awesome is that!

You can enter the giveaway directly through her website here: 

As for the review, you can check it out below!

2 thoughts on “International Giveaway and Book Review (from Little Book Owl)

  1. Hi! I agree with most of her points except for the ‘lack of tension’ or ‘sense of danger’ throughout the story. I think she mentioned it as well, that Alex had a tendency to get into trouble (or trouble would find her). This built up the sense of danger for me more than a few times in the story. Actually, I felt there was so much going on, I wondered if she would make it to the next book.

    But that’s the real challenge in writing a series. The main character has to stay alive for the story to progress and the audience is aware of this. Reminds me of the remake J.J. Abrams did for “Star Trek.” You know the main characters can’t…die…but you still have to make the audience feel like, ‘oh no, they’re gonna die!’ Funny thing is, it works. I can’t explain how, really. I just know it has been done and I think the book does that successfully.

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