The Importance Of An Author Platform

In this day and age, as painful as it is to admit, agents and publishers are drawn to writers who have evidence of a platform already in play. This is partly because it means there is already a readership ready to purchase any books that may be signed on, but it’s also partly because it shows a willingness on your end to do some of the hard yards of marketing. And I say ‘hard yards’ because building a following is not easy. It takes time, it takes dedication, it takes vulnerability. So if an agent or publisher can see you already have people interested in your words – whether through blogging or other social media avenues – that tells them that they can consider taking you seriously as well.

I know, I know, it kind of sucks. I mean, what happened to the good old days when all you needed was to write a decent story? Well the truth is, writing an amazing book is not enough anymore. The literary world is saturated with fantastic, mind-blowing tales… yet only a few of them ever see any kind of limelight. Sure, the better ones might get a publishing contract, but that doesn’t guarantee them the true glory they deserve. And that’s quite often not because of any lack on the writing side of things, but rather due to a lack of awareness on the readership side of things. And these days, awareness needs to start early on if you want even a chance of building a strong readership.

I’ve been really fortunate with building a healthy platform through this blog – in fact, I’m amazed that there are nearly 8,000 of you following my random ramblings, and that is truly humbling, believe me. But I’ve recently tried to be more active on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts too, mostly because they’re fabulous ways for me to give short, sharp updates about what’s going on in my writing world. (Okay, to be honest, Twitter and FB are where I give updates about my writing, but Instagram is where I just post a lot of funny memes, usually to do with books and/or writing and/or reading. I can’t help myself!)

Because of this, in the lead up to all the juicy details I’ll be giving over the next little while about the release of my upcoming book(s) – including cover reveals and a few other really exciting things that are happening in the near future – I want to ask a favour. This blog is going really strong so it’d be great to build on that with my other platform areas as well.

…. So….

If it’s not too much to ask, I would be super appreciative if you’d jump on over to follow me on my Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages. I promise I’m not one of those spammy updaters – you can even scroll through my recent feeds to see for yourself that pretty much everything I post is wacky, funny, or helpful in some way.

In advance, I want to say thank you! And as a token of my appreciation, sometime within the next few days I promise to give some exciting news about a hugely awesome author event I’ve been invited to that’s coming up reeaaaalllly soon. It’s been a massive secret for months, but stay tuned on my social media pages for the big reveal!

Here are the following details you’ll need:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram –

And for any writers out there who are looking to get published, let me encourage you to start building your platform today!

8 thoughts on “The Importance Of An Author Platform

  1. I love that I’m not the only one to have a platform or two that are there just to amuse me. Facebook is literally just for updates, twitter is for updates but a bit of fun as well. My tumbr and Pinterest accounts, while I have my blog linked to them, I do mainly use them purely for my own pleasure. I’ve found though I have a much better response to twitter, tumblr and Pinterest though, and I do think it is because it’s I’ll more myself.

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