I’m visiting the beautiful Sydney at the moment and giving a couple of writing workshops and Q&As over the next couple of days – woohoo! I’m pretty sure Monday’s workshop is fully booked out, but they’ve opened up a second time slot for tomorrow because of the demand and there are still a handful of spots available (for tomorrow only). The workshops are a great idea for if you have kids on school holidays who love to read or write, since they’re targeted for youths aged between 11-18 years (ish).

I also have a Dymocks bookshop (CBD store) event on Tuesday that is for all ages and has no attendance restrictions or limits (as far as I know). Come one, come all!!

Everything is free, btw, plus the workshops also provide a free lunch for the kids!

Here’s what you need to know…

Workshops on Saturday and Monday:

Dymocks event on Tuesday:

Feel free to ask any questions or share these details with anyone you want! And if you end up coming along to anything, make sure you let me know you follow my blog because then I can be like, “HEY!!!” :-)

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