The last three giveaway copies of AKARNAE are up for grabs in celebration of hitting #1 on Amazon’s Hottest New Releases list! Since it’s the weekend and I want to quit all the blog spamming, I’ll randomly select the final three winners from any comments written on this one post. That means you have three days to comment here as much as you like, with every single comment going into the draw for random selection at the end of that time. Feel free to comment saying anything from a simple: “pick me!” to… well, to whatever else you’d like to comment!

If you’re not sure whether AKARNAE is your cup of tea, you can try the first few chapters for free at

And remember, if you want to enter the draw:

1. You have to some way to read an Amazon digital file – whether that be through a Kindle or an e-reader or an iPad or another Android device – because the giveaway is as an e-book gifted via Amazon.

2. I would love if you would post some kind of social media about it to help me spread the word (and, bonus, AKARNAE is currently on sale for just 99c until the end of the month, which is a great incentive to share with your friends!)

3. If you’re the winner, after you’ve read it, it would be wonderful if you would post a rating/review on Amazon/Goodreads to help bump up the stats and get the word out there to the world.

That’s it! In three days I’ll notify the final three winners!

Ps. Congrats to today’s winner, J.R. Barker! Hope you enjoy your free copy of AKARNAE!


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