Exciting news! I finished writing another book the day before yesterday! How awesome is that!?! I’m STOKED!

I’m so happy with it, too! It’s the first in another series, and it’s kind of like… I guess it’s a bit like Divergent meets X-Men meets Shatter Me (The Juliette Chronicles) and maybe even meets Poison Study (The Study Series). So, yeah, it’s a bit of a mixture – and it’s also strangely unique. I say “strangely”, because nothing is truly unique these days. As someone told me just this morning, “There’s no such thing as an original idea.” But I definitely think I managed to put an interesting spin on this book, if nothing else! I can’t wait to get stuck into the editing and then hit my close posse of critics up for their opinions. Then it’s off to my publishers to see what they think. YAY!

Anyway, I just wanted to throw in a quick update to explain why I’ve been a little lagging with the blog posting of late (because I’ve been neck-deep in my writing world)… But now I’ve resurfaced and here I am again! Woohoo! You’ll likely be hearing from me again soon!

(That said, on top of editing this newly completed book, I’m also going to be up to my ears in editing Raelia (book two in The Medoran Chronicles) as soon as it comes back from my actual editor… As well as editing Dreamscape when it comes back from her, too… So, uh… be patient with me on the frequency of posting, lol. And as always, thanks sooooo much for your wonderful support and encouragement on this journey!)

44 thoughts on “It Is FINISHED!!!

  1. Over a year ago you wrote to me something about my writing ‘just for fun.’ I have finished the rough draft of one novel and soon will finish a second. (Of course the hard work is in the editing!) Thanks for goading me on!

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