Radio Interview Fun!

This post is a little delayed, but when I was in Tasmania a couple of weeks ago to give a writing workshop for National Youth Week (in between the Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanova events), I was invited along for a last minute interview with Hobart’s ABC radio. We talked about all kinds of things from writing in general to my own publishing journey (including how AKARNAE came about) and everything in between. We touched on science fiction and technology, we chatted about Supanova, I gave some writing advice and shared some memories… All in all, it turned out to be a great interview and a lot of fun!

I know a number of people have followed this blog for a while, so I thought perhaps instead of reading my voice you might actually like to hear it for a change. The interview is just over 11 minutes long (let’s face it, some of my posts are novel-length and take that long to read, anyway) so if you have a few moments to spare, feel free to have a listen!

You can find the link on the Pantera Press page here:

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