Front Page News!!

I know, I know – I still owe you all a massive write-up about the magical book launch I had this time last week. It’s coming, I promise! I’m just waiting for the final photos to come through from my amazing publishers so that I can do the story justice (at least visually!).

Until then (which will hopefully be realllllllly soon), guess who’s on the front page of my local newspaper today!? I’ll give you a hint…


How beyond awesome is that! But omigosh, I burst out laughing (with mortification?) when I read the intro paragraph on the front saying, “Growing up on a farm in the middle of New South Wales, Lynette Noni says her childhood could have been spent one of two ways – reading books or talking to sheep…” EEEK! Good thing I chose the books then, huh?

I think it’s safe to say that I definitely have a strong case of foot-in-mouth when it comes to making flippantly casual comments to journalists! I’ll chalk this one up (yet again) to a “practice makes perfect” moment and hope that I don’t become known as the weirdo who communicates with woolly farm animals. (Yikes!)

Anyway, aside from those hilariously embarrassing few words, there’s a really cool article inside the paper…


And then later on there are two more pages with a few more photos from my book launch…


I seriously can’t believe how much coverage they did! I’m honestly stunned! But it’s sooooo cool!

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