Starting To Officially Freak Out!


Can you believe that my book is being released in THREE DAYS!?!?! How totally insane is that!? And my book launch is only one week from today – in fact, this time in seven days my launch will have come and gone! EEEEEEK!!!

As the title of this post says, I’m beginning to seriously freak out! In a good way, mostly – it’s just sooooo exciting! But there’s a good deal of fear, too. Anyone who has ever written something and “put it out there” will be able to relate to this feeling. It’s like you’re showing your most vulnerable side for all the world to see – it’s absolutely terrifying to wonder how it’s going to be received!

I’m especially weirded out by the thought of people who know me reading it, because I’m sure they’ll hear bits of me in the voices of the characters. And that’s scary too, because I really believe that every character we create contains a little bit of us – even the bad guys! So the idea of my friends and family reading it is doing my head in! It’s like I’m opening my personal journal and saying, “Here! Have a read!”

But along with all the omigosh-I’m-totally-freaking-out moments, I have all these omigosh-this-is-so-beyond-cool-that-I-have-no-words moments, too. So I guess it all evens out in the end. And one thing is for sure…..


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