Exciting Updates

Oh, boy, soooo much has been happening lately! I figure it’s about time I give you all an update on the current state of events in my life.

So, first up, there are only TEN SLEEPS TO GO until the release of AKARNAE – how exciting! That’s February 1st, just so you know! And my book launch is on February 5th – TWO WEEKS TODAY!!! It’s a public event, so if you live near the Sunshine Coast (Australia), or if you happen to be travelling near the area, please stop by and introduce yourself! Here’s the official invitation:

(How pretty is the invite, by the way! I love it!!)

I also found out today that AKARNAE is already on a couple of lists on Goodreads – how cool is that! If you’re a Goodreads user, I would sooooo love it if you would take a second to vote for it to help bump it closer to the top and effectively spread the word! You can find it on YA Debuts 2015 (it’s currently number 88 but the more people who vote, the better the number will become!) and it’s also number 31 on 2015 YA Covers. I would be so super appreciative of anyone willing to take a quick moment just to click on the “vote for this book” tab next to AKARNAE – that would be so awesome of you to help me with this!

Right, moving on!

I’ve recently added a page here with all the info on how you can pre-order a copy of AKARNAE if you’re interested (or purchase it once it’s released). You can find all the links here.

Some other exciting news is that my amazing Marketing/PR Manager has already confirmed me as an attending author at a number of events locally and interstate over the next few months (and the list continues to grow at an amazingly cool rate!). You can keep an eye on where I’ll be headed by checking my News & Events page.

Okay, I think that’s all update-wise for the moment! There are a few other things happening but I’ll save them for another post! In the meantime, just believe me when I say everything is go-go-go right now which is so amazing! I had my first ever newspaper interview this afternoon which was beyond awesome and so much fun! (I’m not sure if interviews are actually meant to be fun, but, well… *shrugs*… It still was!) I can’t wait to see how the end result turns out!

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