New Blog Layout! (Well, Sort Of…)

Phew, what a week! I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately since I’ve been madly finalising everything with my book, but I’m happy to say that Akarnae is now completely done and dusted! Everything has been sent off—the final, edited, proofed, everythinged manuscript (yes, I know that’s not a real word!), along with my dedication and acknowledgements. DONE DONE DONE!!! How exciting is that!?

I sent everything off at the beginning of last week and I’ve spent the days since then catching up on some much-needed sleep, scouting out book launch venues (*happy squeal*), and also crawling out of my writing-hermit shell and seeing some friends who I’ve rainchecked on waaaaaay too many times. It’s been absolutely blissful!

I’ve also upgraded my website so that it’s now just (without the part)—which is also really exciting! But I’m having some web design issues and could really use some advice from any design gurus out there… I want to make it look unique, professional, and ‘attractive’, but I can’t figure out how to do, well, anything. I created a banner that I’d like to use—it’s just the title of my site but with a nicer font than the limited options WordPress allows (even with Premium), but when I upload it, while it’s fine to view from a computer, it’s cropped awkwardly when the site is viewed from a smart phone or tablet. You can’t really read it at all, which is so annoying.

… And don’t even get me started on everything else I don’t understand about web design! My goodness, it’s like trying to read hieroglyphs! I need to find some kind of ‘How-To-Create-A-Website’ class, or ‘CSS-For-Dummies’, or something. *Frustrated sigh*.

So, does anyone have any advice? Or are there any designers reading this who would like to volunteer their awesome skills and make my page look pretty for me? *Insert hopeful look* (lol)…

Either way, until I sort it all out, bear with me folks! I’ll be playing around with backgrounds and everything until I can learn the necessary web-related ‘hieroglyphs’. (Maybe I can take a trip back to ancient Egypt! Woohoo!).


34 thoughts on “New Blog Layout! (Well, Sort Of…)

  1. For clarification, you are using WordPress to host your official website, correct? If so, it works more like a template and most fonts/designs are supposed to be optimized for smart phones and tablets as you probably already know.

    You’re able to view an accurate display of your site on any device in the Customize window. Hmm…I don’t know HTML or CSS, but I generally know my way around WordPress. I’d have to see an example of the look you want to upload before giving better advice.

    It would be cool (to me) if you had a Homepage, which is different from the landing page of your blog. The Homepage could feature an introduction about you, your books, and include recent news and a nice photo(s) of your book. Then, I believe you could set your URL to land on the Homepage. A link to the blog will still be available.

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