Beware Of Drop Bears

The funniest thing happened when I was out walking this morning. I was trekking along my usual route and came upon a family walking in the opposite direction to me. Right about where we crossed paths, there was a sign on the side of the road just like this:

I live in Australia, so these kinds of signs are everywhere. What was funny, however, was what one of the kids in the family walking past me said. He couldn’t have been more than maybe seven years old, and in the most serious little-kid voice, he said the following words:

“Dad, we better watch out. There are drop bears around here.”

Omigosh. I wasn’t sure whether to burst out laughing or be scandalised at the possibility that he truly didn’t recognise a national icon. I mean, sure, the koala in the above sign does look slightly menacing, but really. Drop bears? Hilarious.

That said… Drop bears are absolutely no laughing matter…

I know many of you who follow this blog are from other countries, so I’m curious about how far and wide the knowledge of drop bears has spread. Have you heard of them? If someone said ‘drop bear’, would you automatically know what they were talking about? Or is it just an Australian thing?

In case you’re still in the dark, this might give you a better picture of what they are:

Let’s face it, drop bears are just one of the many nasty creatures that call Australia ‘home’. Our country might be gorgeous, but we have some of the world’s deadliest animals here. Drop bears are just another thing to add to the list, right? Or so says this picture:

That’s a little alarming, don’t you think? (Especially how in an emergency, from wherever this photo was taken, you still have to travel 174 kilometres to get to the nearest phone. Umm… Eeek?)

Anyway, we were talking about drop bears. So, who’s heard of them? And I guess more importantly, who hasn’t? (And what country are you from, either way?). Assuage my curiosity!

Oh, and here’s one final pic for you, just in case you’re new to the world of drop bears. I don’t want you to have any nightmares!

64 thoughts on “Beware Of Drop Bears

  1. I’m embarrassed to admit, that as a born and bred Aussie I hadn’t actually heard of drop bears until I travelled overseas and a Swedish guy asked me about them! Eventually I cottoned on and carried on with the joke but it certainly took me long enough!

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