Exciting news! My publishers’ amazing marketing/PR guru just contacted me with a recommendation to apply for a young writers fellowship grant where the recipient receives $10,000 along with all associated media hype and 12 months’ worth of ‘writing support’. It’s an incredible opportunity, but the catch is, I only have about 24 hours to complete the extremely complex application in order to post out my submission before the deadline (eeek! Tick-tock!). We’re a little late jumping onto the boat with this one, and so I really, really need your help! Here’s why…

For my application, I need to have some written testimonials (maximum of 200 words) from people “suitably placed to make comment on the benefit of your proposed project to your career development.” This is where you come in. I would love, love, love it if anyone was willing to write up just a few words to comment on my dedication and passion as a writer. You only know about this passion from reading my blog here, but I’m hoping since you follow me, then you’ll have an idea by now that I put my heart and soul into my writing, and (hopefully) that oozes out into my words. (Ick, ‘oozes’ is such a gross word! Sorry! But it works!). As to the ‘career development’ part of the testimonial, this grant and writing support would go a long way to having the time and resources to dedicate myself further to my writing, and thus hopefully better my skills. That, and the project I’m going to propose in my submission is the most amazingly challenging concept I’ve ever had – and regardless of whether I get this grant or not, the story potential is so incredible that I just have to write it one way or another! (I’m so excited!)

So, if anyone is willing to write a few words down (maximum of 200) and either pop them in the comments below, or (preferably) email me at lynette [dot] noni [@] gmail [dot] com then I would be so, so grateful. I would even send you copious amounts of make-believe cookies. (And everyone knows that make-believe cookies are second only to real cookies!)

If you’re happy to help me out with this and you send along a testimonial, please also provide your name and, if relevant, your web/blog address and if you have any publishing credentials of your own. Obviously this isn’t necessary – but it can’t hurt my chances to provide them with as much detail as I can give them in my application!

Thanks so much in advance, and I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

25 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Yay! This is so exciting!
    Unfortunately, I don’t really think qualified to write a testimonial (cough…I’m still at school :-P) but I can certainly make a batch of my very own make believe cookies. *hands tray*

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