Birthday Excitement

I’m one of those people who gets a little crazy when it comes to birthdays. I always have, and I probably always will. Since it’s my birthday tomorrow (and it’s technically ‘tomorrow’ in about 29 minutes), I can honestly say I’m extremely excited right about now!

I know some people can get a bit like this:

But I’m more the kind who is like this:

And if birthday-related excitement wasn’t already enough, I’ve taken some time off work this week because there’s a writers festival on this weekend and Aus Comic-Con, so I’m heading into the city for a few days of happy-place-indulgence. I can’t wait! I’m attending soooo many awesome classes at the writing event, and Comic-Con looks like it’s going to be great too! Yay!

Oh, and in other news, I had an author photo shoot the other day and it was SO cool because we did it in three parts—at a bookshop, in a rainforest, and at a castle (for a fantasy theme). No joke, an actual (sort of) castle! I can’t wait for the photos to be ready and I’ll post a massive account of the day when the time comes (because it was so magical! Everything about it! Well, everything except how I sprayed insect repellent on me before we went into the rainforest and now I’m covered—covered—in the most awful rash where the repellent was on my skin. Can you believe the aerosol canister said ‘low irritant’? Talk about false advertising! I’M SO ITCHY!!). Other than the rash—and yes, I know that sounds bad—the day was beyond incredible! And the photo teasers I’ve seen so far are just insanely awesome! But like I said, I’ll wait and do a proper post at a later stage.

Okay, I’m keeping this short and sweet. I just wanted to touch base since it’s been a little while since my last post—but the next one after this weekend will be epic, I’m sure! And filled with all kinds of writing and Comic-Con awesomeness! So get ready!

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