Let’s Play A Writing Game!

*Blinks* … Wow! There are officially over 5000 people following this blog as of today – which is insane! How incredibly humbling – and mind-boggling! I simply have no words to describe how amazed I am!

To celebrate this crazy moment in my blogging life, I was thinking we could play an interactive game, of sorts. Since I’m a writer, I had this idea that it might be fun for us to write a story – together. Here’s what I had in mind:

Basically, it’ll be a sentence-by-sentence sort if deal. Using the comment section below, Person 1 will write a sentence, and Person 2 will read that sentence and write their own sentence that follows along. BUT HERE’S THE CATCH: Person 3 can only read Person 2’s sentence (just as, say, Person 78 can only read Person 77’s sentence). So, you can only read the sentence directly before your own. Your sentence has to flow straight on from it, but because of that, it might not necessarily be within the context of the whole story, since you can’t read the rest yet! (See how much fun this is going to be? Yay!)

We’ll play this game for seventy-two hours (three days), and I’ll post a reminder every day until we’re done. When that time is up, I’ll tack on a ‘The End’ and then publish the whole story in a blog post for us to all laugh over (because I’m sure it’s going to be messy with a capital ‘m’).

To keep it a little more structured, here are some rules:

1. You can only write one sentence at a time. Feel free to come back as often as you want over the next three days to add more sentences to the story, but let others have a go in between your additions so that the story is a joint-effort by multiple people.

2. Only read the sentence directly above yours and try to keep the story flowing in a natural progression. Dialogue is great, too, so don’t forget that option! And there’s no specific genre here, just fiction, so go wherever you want with your sentence!

3. No inappropriate scenes. Think Disney-level as a guide, in case there are some younger readers out there. Let’s be sensible with our words!

4. No swear words. Again, think Disney-level as your marker.

5. Have fun! Put your creative hat on and get quirky with your words. This isn’t serious – it’s a celebration. And let’s face it, it’s probably going to end up being a colossal jumble of insanity by the end, anyway!

Now, one last thing: this story will be kept as intact and ‘original’ as possible when I write it up for the blog post after the three days are over, but everything will be subject to editing by me if I find it needs a little help to be readable. No matter what, it’s bound to be a mess, but hey, it’s not about the result, but the journey!

Also, just in case you feel awkward, please know that you don’t have to be a writer to add your own sentence to this story – you don’t even need to be overly creative! Just act like you’re reading a book or watching a movie or chatting with your family or friends. What sentence would you like to come next? There’s no pressure and no judging – it’s just pure, simple fun!

Let’s begin, shall we? I’ll kick us off with the perfect opening clichĂ©:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of having her very own adventure.

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