First Fandom Friday


Here’s my first ever official ‘Fandom Friday’ post. I’ve even managed to link it in as both something I love, but also something that relates to writing (sort of). Go, me!

Who’s ever seen the TV show, Castle? Because if you haven’t, then you’re seriously, seriously missing out!

In a nutshell, it’s an American crime drama where the main character, Richard Castle, is a bestselling mystery novelist. In the first episode, a serial killer uses Castle’s fictional murder scenes as inspiration to stage his own real-life killings, which prompts the sassy NYPD homicide detective, Kate Beckett, to enlist Castle as an advisor into the mind of the murderer.

Anyway, fast forward six seasons and Castle and Beckett are still solving murders together. (And boy, their banter is hilarious! As the expression goes, they’re at each other like cats and dogs!). Castle has a singularly unique way of looking at things, and his creative flare mixed with his super-cool interpersonal “skills” more often than not leads to capturing the killers.

The dialogue is oh-so-witty, the characters are ridiculously loveable and relatable (including the friends, work colleagues and family members), the plots are fun (or, erm, as fun as murder stories can be… *awkward face*…) and it’s all just very ‘feel good’.

From a writing point of view, the little anecdotes into what it means to be a bestselling author are hilarious. There are moments where Castle just stares at a computer screen, completely lost to writer’s block, and then he gets a call from Beckett and he’s off like a rocket, procrastinating just like the rest of us ‘normal’ people. (Who else can relate? I definitely can!)

I want to finish up with a quote from the fourth season regarding rejection. It’s seriously good, so all you writers out there should take note – and take heart. (Just FYI, Alexis is his daughter, and this quote is directly from IMDB):

[Alexis is dejected after being denied admission to Stanford]

Alexis Castle: How do you do it, Dad?

Richard Castle: Do what?

Alexis Castle: Well, that letter that you have framed in your office…?

Richard Castle: [Reminiscently] My first manuscript rejection?

Alexis Castle: Yeah. How can you stand having it there?

Richard Castle: Because it drives me. And I got twenty more of those before Black Pawn ever agreed to publish “In a Hail of Bullets”. That letter… that letter reminds me of what I’ve overcome. Rejection isn’t failure.

Alexis Castle: It sure feels like failure.

Richard Castle: No, failure is giving up. Everybody gets rejected. It’s how you handle it that determines where you’ll end up.

Alexis Castle: My whole life has been about making sure I could get into any college I wanted. What’s it about now?

Richard Castle: Give it time. You’ll figure it out.


Needless to say, I totally LOVE this show – for so, so, so many reasons! Absolute recommendation! Give it a go – you won’t regret it!

68 thoughts on “First Fandom Friday

  1. Alright, I have to watch Castle. I’ve heard and read so much about it – your post is the tipping point and now, I officially must throw my eyeglasses and hat into the Castle ring… :-)

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