Computer-Savvy People: PLEASE HELP!!

computer problems


Okay, all you super-smart computer people out there, I need your help! A few weeks ago I upgraded my Microsoft Word Starter (which came as a freebie on my laptop) to MS Office Suite (Home and Student). It’s the 2013 version, and ever since I’ve installed it, my computer has been wigging out. And by that, I’m talking anything from freezing completely (absolute nightmare), to freezing-and-then-unfreezing-with-an-error-message (not as bad, but still not great). But, worse, I’ve even had an instance of the dreaded blue-screen-of-death. No joke! And that’s on my precious, reasonably newish, completely virus-protected laptop! I think my heart stopped beating for a second when that happened!

I’m a writer, which means I NEED to be able to write and edit manuscript-length documents without freaking out about having to do a master reset which makes me lose any new writing/editing that I’ve made (and yes, this has happened a number of times in the last few weeks! It’s been sooooo frustrating to ‘CTRL-Save’ after practically every sentence!).

I seriously have no idea what to do! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Office Suite. I’ve tried doing the internet thingamajiggy that Microsoft offers for bug-fixing. I’ve even run a number of full-system scans with my Norton antivirus. But no matter what I do, if I’m using Word, at random times and for unidentifiable reasons (usually if I ask it to do something other than just plain typing – like change paragraph structure, or ‘CTRL-Find’, or any other command) everything can just completely hang on me! In the ‘good’ freezes, sometimes it’ll unfreeze and give me the error message, “DISPLAY DRIVER HAS STOPPED RESPONDING AND HAS RECOVERED”… But otherwise, like I previously mentioned, all I can do I press-and-hold the off button for six seconds until I manually restart the whole computer (and thus lose any unsaved work).

Just FYI, my computer works perfectly the rest of the time – it’s only when I’m using Word that it throws a hissy fit on me. (Which is a bummer, since it’s Word that I really need to have working more than anything else…)

I’m officially freaking out here. And I don’t even know how to go about trying to fix the problem . Do I contact Microsoft? Do I contact the store where I purchased the new Office Suite? Do I need to take my computer to an actual computer doctor (and is that even what they’re called?). Is it the laptop itself, or could the new Office Suite be faulty? And what do I do, either way?

So, please, please, please, amazing people, I would so love your advice – and preferably some kind of quick, painless, and inexpensive fix!

Thanks so much!

93 thoughts on “Computer-Savvy People: PLEASE HELP!!

  1. That sounds bad, especially the blue screen. I wouldn’t know what to suggest without looking at the laptop myself. However, these folks will: They will ask you to download & run various diagnostic programs, then post the results. Someone will look at it when they are able, and recommend a fix, IF there is one. I’m not savvy enough myself, but have used that website to fix quite a few PC’s over the years. Good luck. Sorry for your troubles. One more thing…Breathe. :-)

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