Hello, and welcome!

I’m the author of the YA fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles.

The first book, AKARNAE, is now available – WOOHOO!! It even has its very own official website at WWW.AKARNAE.COM where you can read a free extract and find out how to purchase it as a paperback or an e-book. There’s even FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING if you buy the physical copy of it. How cool!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy experiencing this journey—and the accompanying awesomeness—with me!


The first book in The Medoran Chronicles

Release Date: February 1st, 2015


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  1. Hi Lynette
    I have just finished reading your advance copy of “Akarnae” and found it most enjoyable, highly captivating and extremely well written. And that from a 74 year old man who reads a wide variety of books. If you could email me I would like to receive your approval to do a preview in our local newspaper.

    • Oh, wow, thank you so much, Blair! How lovely of you to say so!

      I’ve just received your email and have forwarded it to my publishers for their permission but I can’t imagine there being any problems. Thank you again – and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it!


  2. Hello Mrs Noni, I have just finished reading your book and I really enjoyed and finished just a few minutes ago after getting it has a Christmas present. And I found this book similar to Harry Potter in both the story and how good this book is. But your website says that it comes out on the February The 1st next year! When I got it yesterday on 25th of December this year so i am very confused. And I checked my book and it dosn’t say its a sample of the real one or anything so….. Yeah… Any way I can’t wait till Book Two comes out and I hope you actually write and stuff. Thank you for this amazing reading experience.

    • Hi Luke! Wow, I’m so impressed that you read it in two days! Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed it – I’m so pleased to hear that!

      As to your confusion, you’re correct that it’s not officially released until February, but my publishers have been sending ARCs (advanced reading copies) out to various media people and book reviewers, so I’m guessing the person who gave it to you as a gift was on the list of reviewers. Maybe check with them if you’re not sure? But otherwise you can just have enjoy the knowledge that you’ve read it before it’s even released! :-)

      Thanks again so much for getting in touch – and again, I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading it!


      • Dear Mrs Noni it’s me Luke again. I hope your first book Akarnae got lots of good feedback and stuff. My parent told me it was stupid to not tell you my age when I thought it was bad because people always are saying don’t talk to strangers. So if a stranger asks my name while I’m walking my dog, I tell them my name is Steve ( that was my first choice name for a fake name, I’m not saying the second one online to cover my identity and stuff ) Ok so I’m actully 14 years old. So… Yeah…any way I really have no idea how I got an advanced reading copy, well I got it from ( don’t laugh ) Santa Clause and he is very mysterious… Anyway I know it been 4 months and you probably won’t look at this but if you do… Thank you for this amazing reading experience and for doing what you do

        P.S when is Book 2 coming out? Please don’t stop the series after the first one. Please dont.

      • Aww, thank you so much (again), Luke! (Aka Steve! That’s a good fake name, by the way! Some of my favourite people are named “Steve” – including my brother! But you’re definitely right to be careful about stranger danger, so good on you!)

        As for more books, don’t worry – Akarnae is part of a five book series (called The Medoran Chronicles) and they will all be coming out! The second one is already written and will be released sometime in the next year. So keep an eye out for more news coming soon – yay!

        Thanks again so much for loving my book – and for getting back in touch to let me know more! It’s readers like you who make me love what I’m doing so much! Thank you!


  3. Hello Lynette

    I received a copy of your book from a family member who works at the book printer where your book was printed. I can’t wait to read it, it sounds fantastic.

  4. Hi! Thank you for liking my post. 😀 By the way, I’m excited to read your book! I’m hoping that it would be release in the Philippines in February as well. 😁 I love YA novels, and the cover of your book looks amazing! 😀

    • Thank you! It’s so exciting! (And so surreal!)

      I think the book launch is going to be the biggest celebration – I seriously can’t wait! The venue is beyond beautiful and my publishers have organised what I think will be an incredible night of celebrating! Woohoo! :-)

  5. We absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your
    post’s to be exactly I’m looking for. Does one
    offer guest writers to write content for you personally?
    I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on a lot of
    the subjects you write with regards to here.
    Again, awesome weblog!

    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I don’t offer guest blogging at this stage simply because it’s more about my personal journey at the moment… But I’ll keep it in mind for the future! :-)

  6. Hi Lynette,

    I reading Akarnae and I absolutely love it! It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while, and I read LOADS of books. The characters are so funny and it’s really well written. I also really like how everything’s so descriptive- I could picture everything in my head easily, and I love all the magical (advanced technology) that Alex discovers in Medora I seriously can’t wait until book 2!

  7. Congratulations!!!
    I too have just finished writing a novel. I can relate to how you feel.
    Bravo on the cover too!!

  8. Hi Lynette! its Maddy who you met at the bookstore :D i just want to say i love the book so much, and I’ve only read up to chapter 2! your really an inspiration, and I’m going to make sure to recommend the book to all of my friends!! : )

    • Hi Maddy! That’s so cool!! Thanks so much for letting me know! (YAY!!)

      I had this total freak out after we parted ways because I couldn’t remember if I’d spelled your name with a “y” or if I’d signed it on autopilot and accidentally written “ie” – but I sooooo hope I did “y”!! Eeek!

      Anyway, feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about writing or anything else like that! I’m also giving a 2 hour writing workshop at a Gold Coast library in about 3 weeks (for national youth week) where I’ll discuss things like character development and world building (and the writing process in general) so if you’re interested in coming along, let me know and I’ll have my publicist get in touch with all the details! (It’s free, btw!) Oh, and I spoke with my publishers and they’re looking forward to you getting in touch with them about Betrothed! How exciting!

      Thanks again so much – and I really hope you continue to enjoy Akarnae! I would love to hear your thoughts when you’re done! :-)

      • Ha ha, i just finished and it was AMAZING!! Jordan actually reminds me exactly of one of my friends Jordan, same cheekiness and all!

        i will ask my parents about that workshop, i think it would be absolutely amazing (and i think my story characters could use some development) and i will definitely get in touch with the publishers :D

        thank you so much, your amazing and i can’t wait for… i think it said the next book is Raelia? i can’t wait for it :D

  9. Hi I’m reading your book now and it’s really great. I just wanted to know when is book 2 realia, coming out because I really don’t to wait too months and months for the next one because well it’s addicting. I love how it’s similar to harry potter yet totally different. I can’t wait to read the next one
    From your #1 fan hade

  10. Hi i loved Akarnae. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and I can wait for #2. In the future books is there going to be a love interest for Alex or bear and Jordan? Also when is #2 coming out and are you working on any other books. Love the series

    Best wishes for the future ⭐️

    • Hi Hade! Wow, thank you so much for your lovely message(s)! I’ve only just had a chance to log on since I’m currently away interstate at author events and my internet access has been scatty, so these were wonderful for me to receive right now! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed Akarnae so much!

      As for Raelia. the good news is, it’s already written… But I still have to go through the professional editing and publishing process and that takes a little bit of time. It’ll definitely be out within the next 10-12 months, though! And I also have the first book in another series planned to come out in that time too, so keep an eye out for that!

      Thanks again so much! It was fantastic to hear such wonderful feedback from you!

  11. I absolutely love your book and the characters within them! The detail of everything and how well written all the characters are are…I simply can’t explain it in words but you are amazing at writing this story (maybe that’s your gift?) heh. By the way, does the same amount of time pass between the two worlds? And points at the end! Poor Alex, having to deal with Karter! :) Gave me a laugh.
    Really though, your book is amazing and I look forward to the next release and any other series you make.

    • Hey Aleesha!

      Aww, thanks so much for your lovely words! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed Akarnae so much – woohoo!!

      As for time – yep! The same amount passes here as it does in Medora – which we sort of hear a little bit about at the beginning of the second book. :-)

      And just to give you something to (hopefully) look forward to, the first book in another series is due to come out later this year/early next year (around the same time as Raelia), and yesterday I also finished writing the first book in ANOTHER different series as well. Plenty happening!! :-D

      Again, I’m so stoked you enjoyed reading – and thanks so much for getting in touch and letting me know!!


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